When it comes to searching for the best dog for the family can be a challenge, especially if you are looking for the right dog for a senior citizen or elderly parent.

Matching the energy of the dog to the lifestyle of the humans is one the best starting points. Having a high-energy canine may be the best fit for an active life, however, too much excitement can be overwhelming to a lesser able-bodied person.

Here are two articles that show which dogs are best for seniors and why a pet makes for a great companion.

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The companionship of “man’s best friend” becomes even more welcome as people transition into their golden years. Beyond companionship, research has found that dogs can reduce feelings of loneliness, as well as be trained as assistance dogs for diseases specific to the elderly population, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

However, the responsibilities of dog ownership can overwhelm the elderly. A high-energy dog that would be perfect for someone with an active lifestyle might be too much for the less able-bodied. In order to find the ideal pooch, a unique set of criteria is used to reflect the different needs of the older generations.

Pets, especially dogs, can keep us active, and here’s why.

FoundYouPawAs the New Year unfolds, one of the best resolutions one can make, and keep, is to call the local Animal Welfare and make arrangements to see if there is a stray dog or cat that you can take into your home. Having a pet helps people stay invested in life, especially the senior citizens of a country.

Having a pet helps people stay invested in life, especially the senior citizens of a country.

More especially, if you live alone; pets counter loneliness and help one continue to focus on what is going on around them.

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Remember, when choosing to be a pet guardian you need to ask lots of questions about the breed and research on how best it can fit into your daily lifestyle.

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