Today’s post includes many top canine related stories ranging from two young boys rescuing a dog that was stuck in a trash can lid to how eight loving dogs showed acts of kindness during a tragic event to police dogs getting new protective vests to a recognition of a canine hero to a special needs person and his companion dog getting a new job that helps the community.

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www.lifewithdogs.tvEight Loyal Street Dogs Faithfully Guard the Body of the Woman Who Loved Them

It’s a sad day when humans have so little regard for one another that they’ll just pass by the body of a woman who’s died, leaving her in the street to rot.  But dogs are on a higher plane than humans.  These eight dogs faithfully surrounded her and held vigil for several hours.

Protecting the community…

www.lifewithdogs.tvWoman Donates $22K for Bulletproof Vests for Philadelphia K9’s

A woman has made a $22,000 donation to the Philadelphia Police Department, all to go towards getting bulletproof vests for the police dogs on duty.  Joanne Berwind made the donation and the announcement was made yesterday at a news conference which took place at police headquarters.

In service in multiple ways…

fox4news.comCanada Lowe’s hires man and his service dog | KDFW

A Lowe’s home improvement store in Canada has hired a package deal: a man and his dog.

The Lowe’s in Regina, Saskatchewan hired a man who has lived his last 40 years with a brain injury, and with him, his service dog.

Check out who’s on the police force and getting noticed…

VIDEO: City of Poughkeepsie police dog nominated for hero award

A City of Poughkeepsie’s police dog, Kiah, has been nominated for this year’s Hero Award from the American Humane Association.

Great role models for other kids…

www.lifewithdogs.tvHeroic Young Boys Rescue Mother Dog Stuck in Trash Can Lid

Two young Canadian boys are being called heroes after saving a stray mother dog that somehow got a trash can lid stuck on her, that several adults had tried to free her from before but couldn’t get close enough to her.  It was stuck on the poor dog in such a way, that it made nursing the puppies she just recently gave birth to impossible.  Thanks to the two boys, she was freed, and the mother dog and her new family were rescued and taken to a shelter.

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