When unimaginable tragedy strikes at the heart of our human society it is often our fur friends that help to give us support when grieving during terrible situations like the recent shootings in Orlando, Florida.

These special articles discuss the wide array of support that is being sent to help victims and their families during this challenging event.

wftv.comComfort dogs from 7 states fly into Orlando to help grieving residents | WFTV

Lutheran Church Charities arrived in Orlando with 11 comfort dogs from seven states to give solace to residents and help them deal with Sunday’s Pulse nightclub shooting massacre.

The charity, which does not charge for its services, takes dogs all over the country to help people and communities in pain.

“We will be there to bring the mercy, compassion, and presence of Jesus Christ to those who are suffering because of this horrific incident,” the group said on its website of the shooting, which left 49 victims dead and 53 injured. “We will be working in the hospitals with those who were injured and will also be working with all the first responders.”

Many shelters are opening their doors to families of victims who need help taking care of and boarding of pets.

wesh.comPet Alliance of Greater Orlando to accept Orlando shooting victims’ pets | Local News – WESH Home

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando will offer assistance to the pet owners affected by the deadly shooting at Pulse.

The shelter on Conroy Road in Orlando announced Monday it will provide short-term care for the pets of those injured in the shooting, where 49 people were killed and 53 injured.

“This truly is a horrific situation, and we wanted people to rest assured that their dog or their cat will be taken care of,” Pet Alliance executive director Stephen Bardy, said.

Our pets can feel our emotions and they can help in times of need.


Comfort dogs deployed to console Orlando shooting victims and relatives | Metro News

More than a dozen ‘comfort dogs’ have been flown to Orlando to give emotional support to victims, grieving relatives and first responders.

Specially trained to help people in times of great distress, the golden retrievers have arrived from across the country to help people after Sunday’s gun massacre at a nightclub, the worst in modern US history.

Along with their handlers, they have been stationed at hospitals, police stations, vigils, homes, and the Lutheran Church’s LGBT outreach center.

We salute the many animal rescues, organizations, and volunteers who are helping and assisting the families in Orlando by either helping to take care of pets or lending emotional support.

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Images credit wftv.com, wesh.com, metro.co.uk