Today’s post is a round-up of great articles that cover a wide range of canine topics.

Check out the video at the bottom of the articles and watch the dog in the middle of a “doggie pool party” – can you say “treats”?

mercola.com10 Cool Facts About Greyhounds

People who love dogs know there are a great number and variety of breeds, each with its own unique history, personality traits and physical characteristics. Some are great protectors while others are avid hunters.

While every dog is fascinating, it’s always good to learn the fine points of individual breeds, such as the greyhound. This breed may bring a few surprises regarding its uncommon characteristics, all of which make them a great pet.

Who says our pets aren’t sensitive?

mercola.comYour Pets Can Sense Your Moods and Emotions

Your mood and emotions matter to everyone in your household, including your pets. A dog living in a household with a lot of yelling and tension may become stressed, fearful, anxious or aggressive. On the other hand, a happy, relaxed household signals to your pets that it’s OK to relax.

Your pets are, in fact, very observant of your emotional state, which they can pick up via your voice, body language and other subtle clues. It’s in their best interest to do so, as being able to decipher your emotional expressions gives him a leg up (pun intended!) in evaluating your motivations and intentions.

Check out this crazy pool party!

Dog Stops Swimming at Party to Pose for the Camera Hoping for Treats

You may or may not have seen this video floating around the internet, and many people claim that maybe the dog is just a little bit socially awkward.  Is that really the case, or does someone see a camera in the area, which he knows usually means treats?

Hope you enjoyed this weekly wrap up of fun and informative canine-related topics and news.

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