When the devastating wildfires in Fort McMurray forced the evacuation of tens of thousand of residents, it created a major crisis with hundreds of dogs, cats and other pets being separated from their owners and pushing rescue groups into massive action.

Many rescue and support organizations have been forced to deal with this tragic situation and have called upon citizens to help. The Hand and Paw Project™, located in Victoria, BC, reached out and donated 50 leash and collar sets to the Edmonton Humane Society to be given to displaced dogs.

Deborah Groenheyde, the creator of the Hand and Paw Project™ said, “It breaks my heart that I have heard of homeowners not taking their pets with them during this devastating wildfire. Not only are these poor dogs (& other pets) scared to death by the fire, they’ve also been abandoned by their family…this is horrific.”

Deborah says, you can help too, because “On top of our leash and collar donation we will be donating $10 from every Hand and Paw Project™ bracelet sold via our online retail store until the end of June, 2016. Each bracelet sold will further help with the immense task of having to relocate, re-home and foster these unfortunate pets.”

The Edmonton Humane Society Administrative Assistant, Michelle Arnold, said, “Thank you so much for considering the people and pets impacted by the Alberta wildfires. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.”

To learn more about the Hand and Paw Project™ featuring their stylish wearable works of art for humans that help our fur friends in need, please contact Deborah Groenheyde at http://www.handandpawproject.com.

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