As the start of the summer hot weather season begins you need to take the proper steps to make sure that your pets don’t suffer from the high temperatures. Here are several tips on how to prevent heat-related problems.

Hot cars and pets don’t mix and this article covers many problems when traveling with your pets.

wlfi.comAs summer approaches, the conversation about pets in hot cars is brought up once again. News 18’s sister station, WTHI-TV, went to find out one animal expert’s take on what you should do to not only keep your own furry friends safe but also protecting others.

An innocent trip with your family pet could end up in tragedy, especially if you decide to leave your animal locked up in the car.

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Don’t assume that if it’s cool outside that your car will be comfortable inside with sunny weather.

timesofmalta.comYou might have heard of the sad event that happened in Italy last week where several dogs died in a transporter vehicle due to a failure with the ventilation system. The dogs had been transported to their destination in preparation for a dog show.

It is reported that they were in the custody of a professional handler and that the vehicle being used was correctly equipped with a double system of air-conditioning ventilation as per regulations. Notwithstanding, something went terribly wrong and the dogs died inside the vehicle.

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Heat exhaustion can be a major cause of death with our pets in the hot summer months. This article discusses ways to keep your pets cool during the warmest times of the day.

ksdk.comWith the days getting ever warmer, now is the time to plan for summertime pet safety, as you’ll probably want to spend as much time outside with your dog as possible. If the weather is too hot, all you have to do to cool off is fan yourself or sip on a cool drink… but things aren’t quite that simple for your dog.

Dogs are just as susceptible to heat as humans, but they have very limited options for cooling themselves off. To keep your dog cool during the summer and to reduce the risk of heatstroke, learn how to determine if it is too hot to take your dog outside.

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It doesn’t take long for your fur friends to get over-heated. So remember to bring along lots of water and look for shady areas when enjoying the summertime outdoor activities.

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