The modern dog has to adapt to their surroundings and doesn’t usually do the tasks it was designed and breed for so many times a pet can suffer from anxiety related problems from diet issues to psychological traumas.

In the following three articles, these interesting topics are covered from the perspective of diet challenges to holistic tactics to help our fur friends cope with today’s active and hectic lifestyles.

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Nearly 30 percent of dogs may exhibit signs of anxiety, which may include excessive barking, trying to escape, excessive energy, destructive behaviors and even aggression.1

Such behavioral issues are a leading cause of animals being relinquished to shelters, which is unfortunate because oftentimes these issues can be fixed.

Behavior modification techniques are the foundation of reshaping unwanted behaviors, along with a variety of supportive supplements and even pheromone-releasing collars, which can help reduce stress.

A dog may suffer from various types of anxiety and one issue that is common is the separation from a guardian.

5 Tips To Cure Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the most common disorders that a dog can develop, and is defined as a state of panic brought on by the dog’s separation from her owner(s). Since dogs are social animals and need plenty of company and interaction with others, it only goes without saying that they will not be content being isolated a lot. Their nervousness and anxiety will intensify if this problem is not addressed immediately.

The symptoms are pretty distinctive, but recognizing them is the first step to curing your dog’s separation anxiety.

Ancient healing techniques are not just limited to us, humans!

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Louie suffers with anxiety. He’s to the point where he shakes all over when we’re at the vet clinic, and hovers near me when we’re in public, for fear of losing sight of me.

It’s not for lack of socializing that makes him act like this. Louie and I often attend pet conferences, expos and events, meeting dozens of dogs and hundreds of people in the course of a weekend. He did well at his first event, but is getting more anxious with each one.

It’s come to the point where Louie needs help. My vet recommended acupuncture as a drug free treatment for anxiety. I’ll admit to having mixed feelings about this option. While I’m not anti-drug, I do like drug-free alternatives when they’re available. I will fully admit, however, to skepticism about the treatment. I’m not sure how inserting needles into my dog can do a whole lot of good. I figured it was at least worth a try, and even a minimal improvement would be better than none at all. We could treat with medication from there.

When we stop and slow down and start to notice how our pets are reacting to our every-day routines we can often find that when we pay attention they will start to help us understand that they are not happy.

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