Memorializing a Deceased Pet With Beautiful Pet Memorabilia Jewelry

Pet owners often agree that losing a beloved animal is just as difficult for them as losing a family member. Whether you owned a dog, cat, rabbit or any other type of fur friend, you were likely both attached to one another, so dealing with the loss of their life is a struggle. Things will no longer feel the same for you and it’s normal to feel depressed while grieving the loss of an animal you cared for each day.

As you go through the grieving process, you may wonder what you can do to memorialize your amazing animal in the best way possible. Choosing pet memorabilia jewelry is a great option. While you are wearing the jewelry, you may feel like he or she is still there with you. Even though your companion is not physically around anymore, there is always that special jewelry item around your neck or wrist to remind you of the wonderful memories you both shared together.

If you are not sure exactly what you want to get when choosing the pet memorabilia jewelry, you may want to look into getting one or more of the options below. Regardless of which one you decide to buy, each piece of jewelry will be unique, special and sentimental to you.

Hand and Paw Project braceletsPaw Print Pendant Necklace

If your pet had paws, you may want to consider getting a paw print pendant necklace. Before the cremation or burial of the animal, you can take a copy of the paw print using paint and a sheet of paper. You can bring the sheet of paper with the paw print on it to a professional who can create a custom pendant in the exact shape and size as your animal’s paw. Once the customization process is complete, you can put it on a chain of your choice and walk around with the print around your neck.

Stamped Washer Necklace

There are many beautiful quotes about pets that have gone to heaven. If you have read any of these quotes, they may have helped you with the grieving process. If there is a specific quote that really speaks to you, consider having it stamped on a washer necklace. You can have the quote stamped on one side of a washer while having the name of your companion stamped on the opposite side, perhaps along with their date of birth or passing date.

Before you have the washer stamped, make sure to choose a color and style of your choice. The washers are commonly offered in either gold or silver.

Photo Charm Bracelet

Do you have a favorite photo of your pet? When you look at the picture, you cannot help but smile and think of all the great memories the two of you shared throughout the years. If there is a certain photo you like the most, you can have it added inside a small charm and placed on a bracelet. You can wear the bracelet all the time and look down at your wrist to see that beautiful picture, especially when you start to feel a bit sad.

If you cannot pick just one photograph because you have several favorites, you can always have multiple photo charms created. It never hurts to have several adorable pictures there for you to see when you look down at your wrist during the day.

Pet Memorabilia BraceletsMemorabilia Bracelets That Help the Living

You can also find pet memorabilia jewelry that not only memorializes the memory of a dog or cat that is no longer with you but when you purchase one, you are also helping rescues and fur friends in need. It’s nice to know that while remembering your own beloved companion, you are also helping a less fortunate fur friend while they are still living.

Customized Collar Bangle

If your pet had a special collar that he or she wore regularly, you can wear something similar on your wrist. There are customized animal collar bangle bracelets available for those who are looking for a way to memorialize the fur friend that meant so much to them. These kinds of bangle bracelets are available in tons of different colors, so you can always find one in the same color as your pet’s collar.

Photo Engraved Pendant

There are some true artists who can turn a photograph into an engraved pendant for those interested in pet memorabilia jewelry. Would you love to wear a necklace with a pendant that looks exactly like your dog, cat, rabbit or other animal? If so, select the picture you like the most and provide it to the professional artist who can create the custom pendant for you. It may take a few days for the professional to complete the design, but you will fall in love with the pendant as soon as you see it.

If you would like to wear it all the time and never have to take it off, make sure to let the professional who is making it know that you would like to have it made in silver, gold or any other type of precious metal that is safe to wear while in the shower or swimming.

Urn Necklace

You have decided to get your pet cremated and now that you have the ashes, you are not sure what you want to do with them. You may have thought about spreading them out in the garden where your animal loved to roam or placing them in a nice urn on top of an end table. However, choosing to put those ashes in a beautiful urn necklace may be an even better option.

There are many styles to choose from. You may want to choose an urn pendant that is in the shape of a paw print, heart or even a bone. Make sure to look around at the hundreds of options before selecting the one you would like to wear around your neck. One of the best things about wearing an urn necklace is that you will get to bring your animal along with you anywhere you decide to go.

It is difficult to lose a pet who was more like a family member to you and although you are going through a difficult time right now, picking out pet memorabilia jewelry might help lessen your grieving process. You can find something beautiful to wear that always reminds you of the fur friend that made such a positive impact on your life.

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