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Hand and Hand Bracelets

Canadian multi-media artist Deborah Groenheyde, founder and creator of Hand & Paw Project™, has once again created a wearable work of art with a new bracelet design in the recently-released Hand & Hand Project™.

After reflecting on the wonderful popularity and success of the Hand & Paw Project™ – a jewellery collection celebrating the kinship people share with their pets – Deborah and her husband Marten asked themselves, why not create a piece that honours the connection people have with each other?

The result is the Hand & Hand Project™ bracelet, featuring two hands joined as a symbol of the beautiful bond that comes when one person helps another.   

Designed with immense care, it is the Groenheydes sincere desire that the new Hand & Hand Project™ bracelet will be given and received with hope and joy.

Every helping hand creates a personal story: What’s yours?

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